About us

taborda.tech is a team of Information Technology professionals dedicated to providing the latest innovative technologies to solve your business challenges while delivering industry-leading customer service and technical support.

We help solve your security needs and achieve your business objectives with purpose-built security solutions designed to mitigate liability risk, protect your profits, and work smarter while doing more with less. 

The power of SEVEN

The number 7 is imbued with various meanings and significance across different domains, often representing perfection, completeness, and mystical qualities. For us at taborda.tech, it means the 7 principles we are based upon, and defines our whole way of collaborating, and doing business: 
Excellence: We aim for what is best
Integrity: We do what is right, always
Simplicity: We believe that simple is better
Diversity: We embrace the differences
Austerity: We manage our costs tightly
Humanity: We seek a meaningful purpose 
Evolution: We evolve as a group and as a society